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Most agencies have policies and procedures relating to privacy and confidentiality which identify the rights of clients and responsibilities of workers. Formal Hearings and Formal Warnings If underperformance has not improved over the informal review process, it is common that an employee will be invited to a formal meeting. Intentionally lying about sickness?


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Employment contract of discrimination on personnel file format is fully aware of appeal without reduction in these two routine dental appointments. The ECJ held that the purpose of maternity leave under the Pregnant Workers Directive is to protect the health of a birth mother who is in a vulnerable physical state.

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This review calls on government to establish the role of a Learning Disabilities Commissioner which puts a statutory duty on the holder to promote, enhance, and protect the rights of people with learning disabilities and their families in England.

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Creating an entirely new service, divorced in practice if not in intent, from the work of the national enforcement body has failed to provide disabled people with the level of service they require.

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In circumstances where the employer suspects confidential information has been taken, the employer should take prompt action and seek legal advice as required. SSP, this must be claimed direct from the local Jobcentre Plus. Not anymore it is now breach of legislation to ask the question pre offer.

Although denied by each of them when giving evidence, the tribunal found that Ms Harris and Ms James, CEO of the CAB, had consulted in detail about the reference. However, whether such an obligation arises depends on the facts. Therefore considers it may ask?

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In the unusual event of there being irreconcilable differences of opinion, the Occupational Health Practitioner would with the employees consent seek further, independent advice from an accredited Occupational Health Specialist.

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It is recognised that this has the potential to cause anxiety to the employee and therefore, both the correspondence and discussion should be undertaken as sensitively as possible.

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Our advocacy service helps people to access information, understand their options and know their rights and entitlements about all aspects of living with diabetes. They breach of sickness figures for a duty?


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Every quarter Occupational Health will provide information to the Trust outlining the time taken for referrals to be made.

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